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The plunger pump parker vane pump that uses the oil pump for oil supply, after 3000 hours of use, the operator needs to check the plunger pump parker PVS25EH140 1-2 times a day...
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Product Description

The plunger pump parker vane pump that uses the oil pump for oil supply, after 3000 hours of use, the operator needs to check the plunger pump parker PVS25EH140 1-2 times a day to check whether the sound of the hydraulic pump is normal. If the speed of the hydraulic cylinder is found to be degraded or boring, the charge pump parker vane pump should be disassembled to check whether there is any scratch on the edge of the impeller, and whether the clearance of the internal gear pump parker PVS25EH140 is too large. For self-priming piston pumps, the oil in the hydraulic tank parker PVS25EH140 should not be lower than the lower limit of the oil mark, and a sufficient amount of hydraulic oil should be maintained. The higher the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid, the longer parker vane pump the service life of the hydraulic pump. The most important part of the plunger pump is the bearing. If there is clearance in the bearing parker PVS25EH140 , the normal clearance of the three pairs of friction pairs inside the hydraulic pump cannot be guaranteed, and the thickness of the hydrostatic bearing oil film of each friction pair is also destroyed, and the piston pump bearing is reduced. Service life. According to the information provided by the hydraulic pump manufacturer parker PVS25EH140 , the average service life of the bearing is 10000h. If this value is exceeded, a new port needs to be replaced. The disassembled bearing can not detect the clearance of the bearing without professional testing equipment. It can only be visually tested. If parker vane pump is found that the surface of the roller is scratched or discolored, parker PVS25EH140 must be replaced. When replacing the bearing, pay attention to the English letters and models of the original bearing. Most of the piston pump bearings use large-capacity bearing, purchase the original manufacturer, the original specification of the product, if you replace another brand parker PVS25EH140, you should consult the experienced personnel of the bearing. Check the table to change, the purpose is to maintain the bearing's accuracy level and load capacity. The length of the life of the plunger pump is related to the usual maintenance, the quantity and quality of the hydraulic oil, and the cleanliness of the oil. It is also an effective way parker vane pump to prolong the life of the plunger pump by avoiding the particles in the oil causing wear on the piston pump friction pair. Replace parts in repairs should use original parts as much as possible. These parts parker PVS25EH140 are sometimes more expensive than other counterfeit parts, but the quality and stability are better. If you buy cheap counterfeit parts, it seems to save money in the short term. However, this brings about hidden dangers and may also cause greater harm to the use of the plunger pump. The distribution plate has two forms: plane distribution and spherical distribution. The friction pair of the spherical surface distribution is repaired by grinding means when the surface of the cylinder is slightly shallow; when the groove of the distribution surface of the cylinder is deep, the surface should be filled with "surface engineering technology" and then ground. Do not blindly grind, in order to prevent the copper layer from thinning or leaking oil out of the steel base. The plunger pump parker vane pump can also use the frequency converter to save energy. The engineer of Shanghai Zhengyi points out that the plunger pump adjusts the working state by pressure or flow in the actual production process. When the actual pressure is greater than the required pressure, it is adjusted by the relief valve, so that the working pressure is kept stable and the overflow valve is applied beyond. The motor has been running at full speed and the power consumption is constant. When the overflow is used to adjust the pressure and flow, part of the residual overflows back to the original system, resulting in the useless power of the plunger pump, and the working efficiency is low. If the parker PVS25EH140 Chuangjie energy-saving frequency converter is used, the overflow valve can set it. Closed, the working pressure is automatically adjusted by the energy-saving inverter itself, the working pressure is kept stable, and the pressure of the equipment is automatically tracked. Automate control to save energy. The biggest advantage of this adjustment method is that it can reduce the operating energy consumption of the plunger pump parker PVS25EH140, and the power saving effect can reach more than 30%.

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