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Rexroth A15VSO

Rexroth A15VSO


Variable displacement axial piston pump A15V(S,L)O, Series 10 in swashplate design is for hydrostatic drives in an open circuit. The pump is typically used in stationary applications where efficiency and compact design are required. It can work either as self-priming or with a charge pump. Other notable features include low noise operation, fast control response, overcenter operation and Universal through-drive with coverplate. The A15V(S,L)O is competitively priced compared to other industrial high-pressure designs.With one of the most expansive offerings of hydraulic pumps on the market, Eaton delivers unmatched functionality and durability for a variety of industrial and mobile systems. Whatever sizes or operating pressures are required, Eaton has the perfect pump for the most demanding hydraulic applications.Included hydraulic pump families like DuraForce™ HPR, PVB, PVH, PVW, PVX, PVM and PVQ Series cover various displacements and operating pressures, so there’s an Eaton industrial open-circuit piston pump to meet the requirements of just about any application.

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