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DAIKIN Rotor pump

DAIKIN Rotor pump


By applying IPM motor and inverter technologies cultivated from our air conditioning business to oil hydraulic systems, Daikin is pursuing the possibilities of power control technology that combines multi-stage pressure and flow rate control to provide energy savings for industrial machineries in the world.Daikin have focused on the process lines in a factory where 45% energy is consumed generally.Daikin unique oil hydraulic systems which integrates oil hydraulic control and inverter motor technologies will be able to reduce power consumption significantly.45% of total power consumption in factory is consumed in machining line.70% of machining line is the fixed consumption regardless of production volume.Most of the fixed consumption consists of hydraulic unit, oil cooing, and coolant pump. Though it is important to reduce these three parts, nobody touched this area because of direct influence on production. Energy-saving activity by reviewing machining facilities is indispensable to protect environment and improve productivity.In 2009, IE2 (high efficiency) standards were introduced to the U.S. and came into effect in Europe and China in 2013.
All countries are planning to introduce IE3 (premium efficiency) standards, and Daikin Hybrid Unit is free from Premium Efficiency Motors Regulation because the motor equipped on is the exclusive one for Inverter driven.

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