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DAIKIN vane pump

DAIKIN vane pump


Energy-savings of 50% (20.6MPa at pressure retained) is realized to give extraordinary cost performance.(*Compared with a conventional Daikin vasiable piston pump).
Low heat generation.In view of the energy-saving goal, generation of heat is dramatically suppressed and it can reduce the heat load to the air-conditioning unit.Low noise 60dB (A) (20.6MPa at retained pressure) is achieved. In all of the operation areas, the noise is 73dB(A) or less.High-efficiency motor regulations came into effect in Japan in April 2015. These regulations apply to the hydraulic units equipped with general motors but the SUPER UNITs that incorporate a high-efficiency IPM motor are excluded from them.All models conform to the machinery directive, EMC directive, and low voltage directive. This facilitates CE approval of the main machine.Using a commercially-available PLC or touch panel display with RS232C communication capabilities, parameters for the pressure, flow rate, acceleration time, deceleration time and so on can be set and viewed at the machine. This facilitates control of speeds and pressurizing forces and enables a wide variety of machine operations.

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