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YUKEN vane pump

YUKEN vane pump


YUKEN INDIA LIMITED (YIL) was born in 1976 in Technical and Financial Collaboration with YUKEN KOGYO COMPANY LIMITED, JAPAN (YKC), leaders in Oil Hydraulic Equipment.YIL is listed on the BSE and has a good track record of rewarding Investors.YIL is certified ISO-9001: 2008 for all its manufacturing facilities.The manufacturing facilities are located in Malur, (near Bangalore) spread across sprawling 18 Acres of lush green environment. In the last 40 years, YIL grew steadily to become the preferred source for Hydraulics. YIL stands for Quality, fair pricing, ready availability, prompt service and relationships built by caring.For most OEs YIL is the preferred partner. In 1989, YIL set up SAI INDIA LIMITED (SIL), a joint venture with SAI Spa of ITALY to manufacture high torque hydraulic motors. SAI Spa are the largest manufacturers of radial piston motors in the World. SIL has grown to become the leader in hydraulic motors.To ensure supply of high Quality Castings, essential for Hydraulic components, YIL took over a running foundry in 1986. Castings are exported to leading hydraulic component manufacturers in Europe and USA

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