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screwdown systems thrust tapered rollEr Bearings

screwdown systems thrust tapered rollEr Bearings


Thrust tapered roller bearings form an axially very compact bearing arrangement that can withstand heavy axial loads, is insensitive to shock loads, and is rigid. Industrial Bearings Inc manufactures one-way thrust tapered roller bearings and bidirectional tapered roller thrust bearings. The screw-on bearing forms a specially designed one-way tapered roller thrust bearing with full rollers.
Performance characteristics:
This type of bearing is used in rolling mill screw-fixed bearing configurations. Industrial Bearings Inc thrust tapered roller bearings have a logarithmic contact line between the raceway and the roller to ensure optimum stress distribution in the bearing and thus extend bearing life.
Since the rolling element in the thrust tapered roller bearing is a tapered roller, since the rolling bus bar and the raceway bus bar of the washer both meet at a certain point on the axial center of the bearing, the rolling surface can form a pure rolling speed limit speed. Higher than thrust cylindrical roller bearings. The thrust tapered roller bearing with cage is a split design so that the two washers as well as the roller and cage thrust assemblies can be easily installed separately. Full-bolt-screw bearings are held together by special positioning components. For ease of operation, the washers have threaded holes for lifting bolts.

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