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Tapered roller thrust bearings enable axially very compact bearing arrangements to be produced which can carry very heavy axial loads, are insensitive to shock loads and are stiff. SKF produces single direction tapered roller thrust bearings and double direction tapered roller thrust bearings. The screw-down bearings constitute a special design of single direction tapered roller thrust bearing and have a full complement of rollers. They are used for rolling mill screw-down arrangements.SKF tapered roller thrust bearings are produced with the logarithmic contact profile between raceways and rollers to guarantee optimum stress distribution in the bearing, thus enhancing bearing life.SKF tapered roller thrust bearings with cage are of separable design so that the two washers and the roller and cage thrust assembly can be mounted separately and easily. The full complement screw-down bearings are held together by special retaining components and, to simplify handling, the washers have threaded holes for eye bolts.Available with cylindrical or spherical rollers, NSK's thrust roller bearings sustain only axial loads, but they are suitable for heavy loads and have high axial rigidity. Spherical thrust roller bearings contain convex rollers and have a self- aligning capability and are free of any influence of mounting error or shaft deflection. Standard cages are machined brass, where the E-type offers a pressed cage for high load capacity.Tapered Thrust bearings utilize crowned tapered rolling elements. These are separated by a machined brass roller riding retainer (cage) which are contained within precision ground shaft and housing plates. The self-centering action of the rollers helps counteract the gravitational effect of the roller assembly. This reduces the possibility of the roller assembly contacting the shaft. These attributes counteract the natural gravitational forces on the roller assembly when subjected to horizontal applications.

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