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TDO double-row tapered roller bearings

TDO double-row tapered roller bearings


This is a two row Tapered Roller Bearing using a double-cup and having a 22.0000” bore size. By finding it by bore size in our tables, you will see that it has a 29.0000” O.D. and 6.5000” / 4.5000” wide. The “CD” indicates that the double-cup has one of its oil holes counter bored to accept a dowel pin. Factory set Bench End Play is .040 inches.The standard cage for American tapered Roller bearing is a “pin-type” design that has proven to be very successful in applications that experience very high loads and high speeds. No suffix is used on our bearing number for this cage, while other types of cages have their own suffix code when used. SKF manufactures double row tapered roller bearings in the TDO and TDI designs, in many variants and with different features. Depending on the design, these bearings can accommodate heavy radial loads, axial loads in both directions and have a high degree of stiffness.

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