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Rexroth AA4VSO

Rexroth AA4VSO


Variable displacement axial piston pump (A)A4VSO in swashplate design is available for open circuit applications. Sizes 40 & 71 are available in Series 10; sizes 125-250 are available in Series 30 and have the U99 Universal through-drive with coverplate. The flow is proportional to the input drive speed and displacement. By adjusting the swashplate angle, it is possible to infinitely vary the output flow. This rugged, low-noise pump is generally used in industrial 24/7 applications. A version with special bearings (code “F”) for water-content fluids up to 5000 psi and 1800 rpm is also available.Regarding supply of pressurized oil for the electro-hydraulic control of the combustion process in a large engine, ruggedness and a high level of efficiency are the critical factors:With the proven swashplate design of the A4VSO axial piston pump, Rexroth has established itself as market leader for large 2-stroke engines.It provides variable volume flow adjustment and very good priming properties with low noise level and rapid control response. It is very reliable and minimizes unscheduled downtimes.More than 10,000 pumps have gone into service since 2002, ensuring uninterrupted reliable operation of large engines with electro-hydraulic control. It's modular design approach enables the A4VSO to be adapted very effectively to the specific conditions and requirements of each application.For the ship to move in reverse, the large 2-stroke engine has to change the direction of rotation. The pump rotation reverse too, naturally. The A4VSO precisely provides the required volume flow precisely regardless.

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