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NACHI gear pump

NACHI gear pump


One pump discharges two equal amounts of flow to ensure shovel straightness.Constant horsepower control with full use of engine horsepower, resulting in increased speed and power for mother machine.Compact size enables installation in a small engine room.Along with constantly improving performance, industrial machines continue to become increasingly sophisticated. Hydraulic equipment has to meet the challenge of diversifying needs. You may already appreciate the Nachi-Fujikoshi reputation for compact equipment that delivers energy efficiency, safety, and high performance. Our equipment is also constantly refined by our quest for ultimate hydraulics that combine great power with flexible motion control.Half-cylindrical swash plate for low noise and low pulsation. Spherical valve plate for high efficiency (Employed into 3B, 4B and 6B.)Various capacities ranging from 35 to 220cm3/rev (7 sizes in total)Multiple string option with our IPH series inscribed gear pump.The electro-hydraulic proportional control valve uses the proven force feed-back system for improved hysteresis, repeatability, and response.Improved arrangement of components and decreased height enable installation under the driver's seat.No need for gear oil replacement.Parking brake can be built into the hydraulic motor, enabling safer parking on an incline.Shockless relief is standard equipment to enable smooth Swing.Integrated structure consisting of hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve and reduction gear enables compact size.High-speed movement Employs a 2-speed hydraulic motor for increased traveling speed Applicable for a wide range of uses from powerful operation to high-speed movement Smooth stopping performance Built-in brake valve for stable stopping performance.Rich variety of options .Options include a parking brake and shockless relief to enhance starting/stopping performance.

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