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four-row tapered roller Bearings • tQow – 2tdiw

four-row tapered roller Bearings • tQow – 2tdiw


Four-row tapered roller bearings can accommodate combined (radial and axial) loads at low to moderate speeds. They are used almost exclusively in work roll applications such as rolling mills.

Bearing features

Depending on their design, four-row tapered roller bearings provide the following main features and benefits:

  • Long service life
    The four-cup design (four separate outer rings) provides optimal load distribution over all four rows of rollers.
  • Enhanced operational reliability
    Optimized surface finish on the contact surfaces of the rollers and raceways supports the formation of a hydrodynamic lubricant film.
  • Improved wear resistance
    In particular, SKF Explorer bearings are made of extremely clean and homogenous steel and undergo a unique heat treatment, which improve the resistance to wear.
  • Improved sealing performance with less leakage and less frictional heat
    The optimized seal design ensures high protection against external contamination but keeps friction and frictional heat low. This seal design also provides a better retention of lubricant, minimizes environmental impact and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Equal load carrying capacity for sealed and open bearings
    The optimized and compact seal design enables identical internal design.
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